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The Bellamy Brothers


Howard and David continue to prove that the trail they’ve ridden to fame has been as unique as their music itself—music that is now celebrating over 40 years of success.

The road that started on the pop music charts in the ‘70’s, took a winding turn into country music in the ‘80’s, paving the way for duos to come, such as Brooks & Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, Big & Rich and previously—The Judds. But before the road forked into country, the musical odyssey of brothers Bellamy started creatively smoldering in their home state of Florida, before exploding nationally amidst the ’70’s pop music culture of L.A.

Now known by their music and the company they were keeping, The Bellamys officially lifted off the launch pad in 1976 when their single, “Let Your Love Flow,” became an instant smash in both the U.S. and Europe. It stayed on the international charts long enough to build a huge international fan base for the hip young brothers that endures to this day. In Germany alone it perched at No. 1 for more than two months. The love was indeed flowing as The Bellamys jammed for audiences on their sold-out concerts and shared stages with the likes of Loggins & Messina, the Doobie Brothers and the Beach Boys with their patented blend of rock/country music. True to their musical roots, their style and their songwriting was moving steadily more towards their raising.

By the late ‘70’s The Bellamys were emerging on the country charts with another bona fide smash. “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me),” originally scrawled on a dinner napkin by David, rocketed them to the top of the country charts the way “Let Your Love Flow,” had done in the pop market just a few years earlier. It proved to be the first of a string of fourteen No. 1 singles in the U.S. alone.


#1 "Let Your Love Flow"

#1 "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me" 

#1 "Sugar Daddy"
#1 "Dancin' Cowboys"
#1 "Do You Love as Good as You Look"

#1 "For All the Wrong Reasons"

#1 "Redneck Girl"

#1 "When I'm Away from You"

#1 "I Need More of You"
#1 "Too Much Is Not Enough"
#1 "Kids of the Baby Boom"

#2 "Lie to You for Your Love"
#2 "Feelin' the Feelin'"

#2 "Santa Fe"
#3 "Lovers Live Longer"

#3 "I Love Her Mind"
#3 "Crazy From the Heart"

#5 "Forget About Me"

#5 "Big Love"

#6 "Worlds Greatest Lover"
#6 "I'll Give You All My Love Tonight"

#7 "You're My Favorite Star"
#7 "I Could Be Persuaded"

#9 "Get Into Reggae Cowboy"

#9 "Rebels Without a Clue"

#10 "You'll Never Be Sorry"