Jeremy LeVan and Matt Hull love country music, and they agree that all too often, the stars of yesteryear fade and are forgotten.  Their vision is to bring the country legends--the artists they grew up listening to--in one place, and share that music with their community.

Jeremy and Matt founded the Country Legends Concert Series in 2020 and launched the first CLCS concert on September 5, 2020, at Lion's Park in West Liberty, Ohio.  Despite the pandemic, the concert was safe and successful for thousands of fans as Little Texas rocked the small town. 

Jeremy and Matt have a passion for concerts and music, and are excited to share it with their community.  They both have spent time as stage hands, businessmen, and planners, and are committed to providing the best quality entertainment at the best possible value.  

You would be hard-pressed to find a duo as dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate about their craft.  Jeremy and Matt are two guys with a bit of experience, creating an epic experience.  That's their promise to their friends, fans, and supporters.

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